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A Celebration of Sustainability and Innovation at CCR 2023

Topic: CellDerma

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We took great pride in showcasing the full spectrum of 15 CellDerma products. This comprehensive collection featured an array of serums, creams, cleansers, protective sunscreens, and nourishing balms. Notably, our award-winning GF5 and Perfect Lips took also on display.

Incorporating a fun and interactive element, we also organised a selfie competition on the CellDerma stand, encouraging attendees to share their CCR 2023 experience with CellDerma on social media. Beyond the exhibition walls, it not only created lasting memories but also strengthened our connection with the audience on a personal level.

CellDerma were honoured to receive the ‘Most Sustainable Company 2023’ award, a recognition that holds profound significance for our team. Led by our Founder and Aesthetic Doctor, Dr. Dev Patel, CellDerma has made an impact in the skincare industry by effectively merging science and nature. The award signifies our dedication to environmental responsibility and innovative practices and aligns with our ethos, putting people and planet before profit, every time.




Dr. Dev Patel captivated the CCR audience with live presentations on our journey, sustainability commitment, and the science behind our revolutionary products. One highlight was the engaging drinks reception at our stand, where the team provided expert advice and fostered connections with attendees.