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Turning Feedback into Forests

Topic: CellDerma

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Courier Services:

Our chosen courier service, DPD, received the Sustainable Transport award at the National Sustainability Awards in October 2023. They were praised for their comprehensive sustainability commitments, going beyond the electrification of their fleet. With over 3,500 electric vehicle vans and the use of alternative fuels, DPD achieved innovation milestones such as robot deliveries and rapid decarbonisation.

Virtual Training and Onboarding:

CellDerma leverages technology to minimize its environmental impact in employee training and onboarding. Our clinic partnership managers conduct most training sessions and onboarding processes virtually, eliminating the need for extensive travel and associated carbon emissions.

Digital Resources:

In an effort to reduce paper consumption and minimise waste, CellDerma provides digital resources easily accessible to our partners through our online resource portal. Essential information, guides, and product details are made available through a convenient online portal, eliminating the need for mass-printed materials.


CellDerma takes a proactive stance against waste by adopting a printed-to-order model for its resources. By printing materials only when there is a confirmed order, the brand avoids excess production and unnecessary waste. This approach not only minimizes environmental impact but also reflects CellDerma’s commitment to responsible resource management.